21 years old. Junior attending Montserrat College of Art for BFA in Illustration.

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the first few pages of my thesis sketchbook!

my thesis is illustrating Journey to the West, specifically the origin story of Sun Wukong. my focus is on environments painted in gouache and designed to work as animation pan backgrounds.

hopefully soon i’ll be able to scan my finished pieces….as soon as i finish them……..

inktober? sure

#inktober  #oc  

my entire sketchbook is littered with this ridiculous ape


gouache studies from Metropolis which I about damn near lost my mind doing

pencil and gouache studies from All That Heaven Allows

please watch it and fall in love with Rock Hudson

you don’t know how lucky you are


I really love that cherries guy, and I like to imagine he tucks that ridiculous hair of his behind his ears sometimes

very out-of-the-blue Volcano Girl 

i call her Hok

speed paints from a documentary on China

1 hr each, I think

can stands fall in love

mine is in love w/ star platinum, original OC do not steal [fifty copyright signs]